Head of School's Welcome

In May 2017 Morgan acquired Sunshine Learning Center, an amazing daycare that has been locally owned and operated for many years.  Over the past two years, Morgan has an environment that would encourage the flowering of a child’s natural gifts by introducing & incorporating Montessori materials in the classrooms.

"The Montessori education and philosophy is one that I truly believe in, having witnessed the results myself. I also believe that every child should be able to grow in a Montessori environment without an undue financial burden on parents. This is why the tuition at Aspire has been so affordable – instead of increasing tuition to get materials, I decided to raise the money outside of the school. Through means of selling my artwork, I was able to establish a foundation of Montessori materials that correlated to the children’s immediate developmental needs.


As I see our children thrive in this environment, I am inspired to keep up with and follow their growth. While Montessori materials are expensive & worth it, we have been able to continue to provide our children the tools they need to prosper by growing our community.


I believe our future begins with our children and that a child’s earliest years is the foundation upon which all else builds. An education capable of saving humanity is no small undertaking: it involves the spiritual development of a child, the enhancement of their value as an individual, and the preparation of young people for times in which they live. Education is the best weapon for peace, after all."

Come visit us, we would love to meet you! 



Morgan Whitley
Head of School

Founder & Owner of Aspire

Our Mission

To empower children to achieve their full potential intellectually, spiritually and physically by creating an enlightening and nurturing environment built on the Montessori philosophy that fosters student’s curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking and by partnering with parents (children’s first teachers) in this endeavor. 


Aspire does not discriminate against national origin, creed, disability, religion, or any other basis. We believe that diverse backgrounds enrich the lives of our children and our staff.





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