Creating a true “children’s house”

A paramount quality of a Montessori school is the way in which the children take ownership of their space. That means they help prepare their own snack, they water the plants and dust the shelves. They wash their dishes and collaborate to learn new things. We have child sized furniture and no teachers desk because it is their space, not ours. Every lesson is given one-on-one or in a small group lesson. The classrooms are mixed age so the children learn from their peers and have the experience of growing into leadership roles as they progress through the classroom over the years. We are honored to be their guides and assist in their discovery of their true selves.

What are our parents saying

At Aspire Montessori School, it's obvious that teachers share a special bond with each child. Our son is truly thriving on a balance of discipline, love, education, and exercise. AMS has been incredibly transparent in all aspects of running a childcare center--from education to meals, to campus safety, and even operating costs. Parents, children, and staff are seen as stakeholders and therefore are encouraged to participate in decisions that improve the community. Ms. Morgan and staff understand that maintaining an open dialogue between all teachers, parents, and children is key to a healthy learning culture.

Jared Firmin-Varing, Aspire Parent 

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Our favorite part of Aspire is seeing the life and social skills our kids bring home. Our older kiddo started when he was 3, and would come home and carefully place his shoes by the door, fold blankets and clothes, and make his own lunch in the morning (mostly). We've followed Ms. Suzanne's lead at how much he can do on his own. Not sure who loves his independence more--him or us! Ms. Suzanne has high expectations for the kids, and they meet them--from zipping & hanging their own jackets, to pouring their own water, to learning to resolve conflicts with friends themselves. Our little one started in the toddler room and has moved up, and we've adored both her teachers. Ms. Nancy is attentive and patient. Ms. Alison sends awesome pics and updates during the day and is a favorite playmate. Ms. Morgan is brimming with passion for the school and the kids. We don't know where she gets her energy! She's not behind her desk all day - she's in the classrooms with the kids and teachers, along with managing all the ins and outs of the school. We've watched her pour her free time and weekends into everything from painting and renovations to building a garden and laying sod! She has a ton of vision for the school, and that's why we're here!

- Amy Handley, Aspire Parent 


7202 Dee St Austin, TX 78745

 Tel: 512-447-8258 

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Aspire does not discriminate against national origin, creed, disability, religion, or any other basis. We believe that diverse backgrounds enrich the lives of our children and our staff.





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